Worst Line-up ever

The Newark Star-Ledger is suggesting that last night’s Met lineup was their worst in team history:

Here’s what the Mets threw out on the field last night:

1. Cory Sullivan, CF (.227)
2. Luis Castillo, 2B (.300)
3. Fernando Tatis, 3B (.243)
4. Daniel Murphy, 1B (.252)
5. Jeff Francoeur, RF (.262)
6. Jeremy Reed, LF (.256)
7. Alex Cora, SS (.256)
8. Brian Schneider, C (.197)
9. Livan Hernandez, SP (.132)

NHL Refs and the Mets

I wanted to follow-up on our prior post about NHL refereeing, where we reviewed Brad Meier’s and Bill McCreary’s actions in Game 6 of the Rangers/Capitals series. They are the referees who did not penalize Donald Brashear for his blind-side, away-from-the-puck, open-ice hit on Blair Betts, which later earned Brashear a 5 game suspension. They are also the guys who told the Rangers that they saw the hit and deemed it legal. Here’s a clip of the hit:

Santana Likes his Rest

So, despite not working in the All-Star Game, Johan Santana is pitching Game #3 of the Mets’ second half today, working on 6 days of rest. Overall, Santana has had some concerning problems this year, including registering the highest walk rate (2.9/9inn), hit rate (8/9inn), and slowest average fastball (90.8MPH) of his career 88as a starting pitcher.

Here are some of Johan Santana’s numbers based on how many days rest he has:
Days Rest Starts W-L ERA IP K BB
4 8 3-4 4.74 49.33 44 21
5+ 10 7-3 1.88 67 68 16

Parnell breaks 100 MPH

I didn’t totally believe the radar gun readings I saw on TV last night at the time, but here is Bobby Parnell’s Pitch Speed chart for the 8th inning last night.

As you can see #4 did eclipse 100MPH according to Pitch F/X (via BrooksBaseball’s Pitch F/X tool.) Now if this kid could just learn to throw one other decent pitch other than his fastball (which he’s thrown 88% of the time this season), he might really be onto something.

The Rodriguez Effect

Like most pitchers who come to the New York Mets after a nice run of success elsewhere, Francisco Rodriguez doesn’t throw his fastball as fast in New York as he threw it at the peak of his success.

I could make a similar chart for goal scorers coming to the Rangers, but that’s a topic for another day.