Outstanding leadership by Joe Torre for the Yankees

Joe Torre was admitted to the Hall of fame in baseball in the month of July. He is the third manager who will be seeing the uniform no. 6 to get retired. This will happen in a ceremony that will be held on the 23rd of August at the Stadium of Yankee by the Yankees.

Michael Young calls it a day

Michael Young sported on a Texas Rangers No 10 jersey for the very last time. On Friday, Young formally declared his retirement after he returned to the Rangers Ballpark, which has been his home ground for all but last of his thirteen major league seasons. He stated that his timer in Texas is his best time as professional.

Young stated that he came kind of confident and stubborn, with a whole lot of things to learn. In a lot of ways was still immature, attempting to figure out who he was, and what he wanted to do and what he wanted to be about, and he figured it all out there.

MLB: Michael Weiner dies at 51

Michael Weiner, who represented the players of Major League Baseball and become their leader in a time of labor peace and unprecedented prosperity, passed away on Thursday. Michael, 51, was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer fifteen months ago. The breathed his last at his home in New Jersey. Michael Weiner was regarded as one of the smartest man to work in sports. Apart from players, his was also popular among executives against whom he negotiated.

Detroit Tigers became a competitive unit

Tiger's general manager and team president Dave Dombrowski had a distinguished career. Dave was a kind of wonder boy when he was the GM in Montreal. He assemble a World Series squad in South Florida. In the last 8 years, Tigers have managed to reach to the post season 4 times, they have also won 6 playoff series as well as got hold of 2 American League pennants.

Baseball rumours: Will Lucky Nugget sponsor a team?

Given its status as America’s national sport, there is a lot of prestige involved in sponsorship, for any company that chooses to go down this path – not to mention the fact that they will be reaching a massive audience across the country by doing so.

Therefore it is not really surprising that rumours about companies becoming involved in baseball sponsorship swirl around just as much as football sponsorship rumours do in Europe, and the latest one suggests that the top online casino firm Lucky Nugget may be set to enter into some form of baseball sponsorship deal.